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“Be Proud To Be Black.” 
A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK 

A Dedication To The Black President,Barak Obama, His Beautiful Black Wife,Michelle Obama And Their Beautiful Black Family "Be Proud To Be Black".  

God made us Black,
And there’s nothing that we lack.
He knew what he was doing,
And he will not take it back. 

How ungrateful do Blacks sound,
When they whine with such remorse?
About being blessed with hair like wool,
That’s curly and that’s coarse. 

How ungrateful do Blacks look,
When they decide it must be changed.
And they bleach their hair to blonde,
So that no Black will remain. 

How ungrateful do Blacks act,
When they’re trying to be white.
Not knowing “Black is beautiful”,
They think that “white is right”. 

How ungrateful do they make,
Their children act and lack?
When they don’t teach them the honor,
And the pride in being Black. 

Many people have it wrong,
With “pride goeth before the fall”.
When we had pride, we had kingdoms,
When we lost pride, we lost them all. 

If God did not mean for us, to be Black,
We wouldn’t have been Black at birth.
And if Black was not the most beautiful thing,
God wouldn’t have made it first. 

The depths of the “fire-ry” center of earth,
Is as bright as the brightest sun.
But the heavens, the home where God resides,
Is a Black and beautiful one. 

Any time we start to think,
That being Black is hard.
We must think of ourselves in a “poker game”,
And the devil holds our cards. 

In the “poker game” we lost your souls,
And now we must win them back.
By showing the devil how proud we are,
That God has made us Black. 

We must reflect our pride in our “Blackness”,
Our education, clothes and style.
And reflect on the “slaves” we have become,
But only for a while. 

And the next time we think about changing ourselves,
Into something that is fake.
We must remember that God made us Black,
And God don’t make mistakes. 

A Black Panther (P.B.C.O.C.N.) Poem By NEETTA BLACK

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