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Table Of Contents

From The Soft Collection - vol. I

  1. *Black History* - "Because Of You, I See Us Free."

  2. *Black Children* - "Black Princess Imani."

  3. *Black Mothers* - "Dear Mom."

  4. *Black Fathers* - "Little Kings."

  5. *Black Women* - "The Black Goddess N.I.S.A."

  6. *Black Couples* - "The Storm."

  7. *Black Women* - "Today You Are A Queen."

  8. *Black Fathers* - "Your Father's Gift."

Bonus: Information From
The Black History Archives.

"What If There Were No Black People?"

From The Strong Collection - vol. I

1. *Black Organizations* - "Always Keep It Black."

2. *Black Teens* - "Always Say It Loud, That You're Black And You're Proud

3. *Black Families* - "Be Proud To Be Black."

4. *Black Teens* - "Educated Choices."

5. *Black Adults* - "Educated Fools."

6. *Black Children* - "Have Pride In Your Blackness."

7. *Black Teens* - "Have Respect For Your Blackness."

8. *Black Organizations* - "I Sent A Letter To All Blacks."

9. *Black Families* - "If There's Something Wrong With The Black World - "Fix It!"."

10. *Black Adults* - "If you are african-american, then so are whites."